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InTune Clinic is a specialist Osteopathic clinic located in Jesmond, Newcastle.

We are a specialist Osteopathic clinic located in Jesmond, Newcastle that provides fine tuned Osteopathy to help treat aches and pains within the musculoskeletal system.

We aim to help you recover as fast as possible with treatments and dietary/lifestyle advice specially designed for you as a person to match your lifestyle.

We are currently offering all new visitors a special introductory offer. Only £19 for your first one hour consultation appointment.

You can now book a FREE over the phone no obligation advice session.

Our treatments are affordable and we have out of hours appointments.

 Email info@intuneclinic.co.uk

TEL: 0191 228 6956

Some of the most common issues we treat are;

  • Back pain
  • Occupational injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Degenerative pain
  • and many more
These practitioners know how to resolve back pain.
Jonathan Grice
Excellent service , I have had back problems for a couple years & after trying a few things recommended by my doctor & had no luck .. I tried this osteopath clinic & after just a couple of sessions with intune clinic , i felt better almost instantly & it’s changed my life for the better
Ariste Musik
After suffering with general joint & back problems after having a baby I tried this clinic. Excellent service made me feel comfortable & treatments really made a difference to my day to day life.
Sitshe Moyo
I had back and neck pain for quite a while and after only 2 treatments I feel as good as I ever have thanks to practitioner Amanda. Fantastic results from a true professional.
Bridin McAlinden


Back pain is one of the most common health complaints that will cause people to see a GP within the United Kingdom. Most people will experience a bout of back pain at some stage in their life in their neck or lower back. It can present as a mixture of pain, stiffness or spasm. Anyone who has experienced it will understand just how intense it can be. Although it may be very painful and distressing it is often times not caused by serious underlying health conditions. Common causes of back pain would be damage to structures such as the Intra-Vertebral Discs, joint damage or strains in the joints between the vertebra of the neck or back, as well as the Sacroiliac joint in the pelvis. Some health conditions can lead to back pain and stiffness such as arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, pregnancy and referred pain from visceral organ problems such as kidney stones, liver problems and endometriosis. Our osteopaths are highly trained in screening for any underlying heath problems that may be the cause and also diagnosing/treating your back pain using various methods that will be tailored to your diagnosis and to you as a person. They will also fully explain the cause of it so that you fully understand what it is and why you have it and then help provide exercise and postural advice so that you can try preventing it from happening again!



These are injuries that people can get through occupation and daily lives and they are commonplace throughout the UK population. Generally speaking they can be repetitive in nature with people experiencing recurring episodes with pain that can present in various bodily organs and structures such as the nerves around certain joints such as the wrist which can lead to issues like carpel tunnel syndrome, damage and pain in joints found in the upper limbs (i.e. hands, elbow and shoulders), the lower limbs (i.e. hips, knees and feet) as well as the neck and spine. Another common injury would be the Intra-Vertebral Discs (IVD’s) in the spine which can be damaged by lifting heavy loads. Often times the injuries depend on the nature of the work that you do. People in active occupations like manual workers are more likely to sustain injuries from trauma and may also injure the IVD’s while lifting and moving heavy loads while people in sedentary occupations are more likely to suffer from repetitive strain injuries such as carpel tunnel syndrome and ongoing back and neck pain from poor ergonomics and working posture. Physical treatment is often effective at treating a lot of these complaints but in order to properly deal with these problems you need to address and understand the underlying cause for them. We can properly diagnose and treat these and give advice so that you can work towards preventing it from happening again!


These injuries results from exercise and sporting activities. They range from common minor injuries (i.e. joint sprains, muscle strains, bumps, bruises, scrapes and blisters) to major injuries (i.e. Broken bones, dislocated joints, concussion/contusion, torn tendons/ligament and damaged nerves) which may require immediate/serious medical attention. Probably the most common complaint will be joint and/or muscle pain due to strain to specific structures I or around them (skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments bone and cartilage). As you can imagine they vary greatly from sport to sport depending on fitness levels, training and what is required from the athlete and their body whilst participating. Examples of sport specific injuries would be shoulder injuries in cricket from high intensity over-arm throws, elbow pain in tennis from repetitive and strong griping the racket in play, low back pain in golf from the twisting motion of the torso, knee and ankle pain in football from high speed/sudden movements from keeping up with play and neck and back pain in rugby from high intensity impacts from tackles and in the scrum. Physical treatment in our sessions will help you manage your pain and our exercise advice will help to prevent it from recurring again because once you understand the demands put on your body from the sport you play and how you are playing it you can then actively prevent further injuries and focus on raising your game!


Is best described as pain that an individual may develop from wear and tear from repeated or serious injuries as well as through the years as people age. It does occur naturally over time as people grow older so it goes without saying that it is very common in the ageing population of the United Kingdom. There is often times a lot of contributing factors to this common ailment such as the type of occupation or sports that the person has done through the year, as well as health conditions and injuries that have happened in their medical history (i.e. Arthritis). These problems may persist for long periods of time and may affect the person’s quality of life in some cases. The majority of the less serious cases are treatable with physical therapy that you can get from our osteopathic team, in other instances a referral to a doctor may be needed for surgical intervention (i.e. Hip replacement). Generally speaking keeping active and healthy through a good diet and regular exercise can help prevent a lot of these issues and help in the treatment of problems that may already exist. It is also advisable to go for regular health checks and seek help for any ongoing issues. Our team can provide both of these while treating your degenerative pain issues and in some cases refer you to the most suitable medical professional for you. Ask our team for help and advice regarding these issues, we are more than happy to help!

For more information about our services or to book an appointment please email info@intuneclinic.co.uk or call 07717 063214.



0191 228 6956

07717 063214

EMAIL: Info@intuneclinic.co.uk


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