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With spring come the urge to start afresh as the flowers start blooming, the weather starts to warm up and we can peel off some of our winter layers. We all think of spring cleaning our house but it’s also just as or even more important to spring clean our bodies. How do we go about spring cleaning our bodies you may ask? The best way to clean our bodies internally is through a detox. There are many ways to detox but one of the best ways is through fasting. When most people hear of fasting they think of the religious reasons but the health benefits involved with fasting are tremendous. When we are fasting we are giving our digestive system, liver and kidneys some rest. This speeds up the elimination of old toxic waste which then means a clean slate for better absorption of nutrients. During fasting you feel rejuvenated and may even look younger through clear skin, better looking hair, nails and you might also find that you can heal faster.

Detox fasting doesn’t necessarily mean starve yourself for a few days, you can ease yourself into it so it’s not as daunting. One way to detox fast is by eliminating food as you go along. If you want to fast for 5 days for example you can start by eliminating meats on the first day, then complex carbs (bread, rice, starchy vegetables, etc.) on the second day, then only have fresh juices on day three (preferably green juices). You can then finish of by just having purified water on the last 2 days (you can have lemon/ ginger/fruit/mint infused water if you really can’t have plain water). The important thing is to stay hydrated throughout the fasting process and if you can a food diary keeping track on how you are feeling throughout the process can be helpful.

Always consult your doctor, naturopath or nutritional physician first when considering fasting. You should not fast if you are pregnant/breast feeding, diabetic, anaemic, have heart conditions, have sever liver or kidney disorders.

Amanda Ganyiwa, Most, ND, DO.

Osteopath and Co-owner of InTune Clinic LTD